Sharing Bros is about 3 friends setting off to uncover the many faces behind the collaborative economy – those who have made the choice of experiencing the economy differently. They embark upon a 6-months adventure, which will take them from Canada to Brazil across 21,000Km and 15 countries using only the collaborative economy. Their mission: Discover this economy, understand what drives its actors, and share their adventures with a web-series and a documentary.

The collaborative economy – a story of peers

The Sharing Bros project is first and foremost about 3 friends, all business school graduates, who have discovered a new way of doing things. There has recently been a shift towards a more decentralised economy built on distributed networks of connected individuals. This has profoundly changed our approach to transactions. A grand-ma from Seattle renting rooms in her home, a carioca designer spending his days in co-working spaces, an Argentinian milk producer hosting and feeding people in exchange of time spent on the farm… These (inter-) connected individuals constitute the backbone of the collaborative economy. They are the ones our three fellows are off to meet and they want to find out: Who are they? What do they have in common? What are their motivations? What are their stories? 

The Sharing Bros – Baptism of Fire

They will go out and try as many practices as possible, be they the fruit of technological breakthroughs with Peer-To-Peer platforms such as Airbnb or eBay, or simply old collaborative traditions such as the « collectivos » taxi system in Latin America for example. Their daily life, concretely. They are looking to investigate this diversity, be it in terms of the nature of the exchanges or that of its users. What differentiates them? What do they have in common? What role do cultural factors play? What leads us, Humans, to collaborate?

A testimony for the world to see

They will produce: – 1 Web-series during the trip to share their adventures, their encounters as well as the challenges they will face; 1 video every 2 weeks. (Content: Adventure-focus) – 1 documentary after their return to share their insights about their journey, interviews and their analysis of the movement as a whole. (Content: Analytical)

Contact :

Mathieu BERNARD ESSEC Business School
Rodolphe STRAUSS University of Bath
Ivan de QUERCIZE ESSEC Business School